Defense against ISIS MUST counter social/multimedia attacks on our youth!

I watched this morning’s Joyce Meyer 151211 interview of Chad Daniel Ministries:

Daniel’s focus is worldwide ministries to youth- training youth as disciples, to bring gospel to youth in their area in multimedia/social ministry methods using 45 different DVD television/videos in different international languages.

I haven’t checked Chad Daniel or his ministries to broadly recommend  his activities; some commenters criticize his methods as too social or unorthodox.
But one of his points hit me really hard:
ISIS’ most energetic and most successful attacks against us may be, not their military and terrorist activities, but instead their multimedia/social  attacks against our youth!
Non- and Anti-Christian organizations including pointedly ISIS use these methods targeting against our youth, including–
Wholesale “factories” daily generating thousands of extremely professionally skillful and effective fake Facebook and other identities and postings, and thousands of “Likes” or “Clicks” to them, advocating and drawing our youth into their philosophies.
Our counter-attack or defense against them must similarly be most energetically against these multimedia/social attacks coming against our youth, in addition to our military and anti-terrorist actions!