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Ecstatic! Seventeen pounds in eleven weeks!

Update Oct. 21:

Ecstasy continues! As of Oct. 1, after 11 weeks I was down 17 pounds! It is SOOOO easy on this low carb diet. I don’t feel I’m sacrificing at all. Eating great food. Sixteen pounds to go!

From Sept 2:

I am ecstatic!
Today I’m down 12.5 pounds in seven weeks!!
In just the past one month, I’m down seven pounds and two inches in girth!!

I’m on the simple low-carb diet aiming for under 50g of carbohydrates per day.

I more or less follow the dietary suggestions used and recommended by Steve Gibbs on this site:

and Steve’s podcasts with Leo LaPorte- if you’re interested, first watch at least the first podcast #124 below:

This is similar or identical to the 20-year-old Atkins Diet and the many more recent modifications of it- many are now called “ketosis” diets, as all are based on our metabolism converting from sugar/glucose-based to ketones-based.

It has been easy!
I’m almost never hungry.
The near-painful sugar craving I’ve had for years is gone! It disappeared almost the first day I started the diet.
I don’t think I’m looking gaunt in the face like I have dieting in the past.

I just intentionally eat almost NO:
Bread or other grain products
Sugar (Pepsi/Coke etc., candy, fruits, honey, etc.)

While I am easily quite diligent about staying off bread, pasta, potatoes, Pepsi, candy, etc., I do break the diet eating the fruit I love now in this wonderful fruit season– four nectarines daily is 56 carbs but apparently that hasn’t damaged the diet.

I also break it periodically when rarely, for example I go out to eat with friends– with no full-service restaurant remaining here in Packwood, I go to our Pizza parlor and enjoy pizza. But most restaurant dinners are easy- I eat and fully enjoy just the meat, vegetable and salad with dressing.

It has seemed as though I’ve been so non-diligent in these ways that I was literally scared to get on the scale this morning for my monthly weigh-in. I actually said a little prayer that I’d be down at least a pound or two. But SEVEN POUNDS in one month!! I AM THANKFUL!! AND ASTOUNDED!

The diet works!

Notes about the diet: For low-carb to work, one must keep carbs below a certain level (differs among people, maybe 50 to 90 carbs) every day and at every meal- just reducing carbs a little bit across the board DOES NOT produce the low-carb effect, won’t lose weight- you remain on glucose-based metabolism. Though the American Heart Association once recommended against such a meat-heavy diet, they have now determined that for most people the diet is OK. The abbreviation “carb” means one gram of carbohydrate food.

My diet now is mostly among: meats, cheeses, sausage, cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, and the fruit. I make no effort to avoid fats.

Twenty pounds still to lose!

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