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Are Muslims our friends or enemies?

Mary-Replying to your recommendation to those who are not paying attention with referral of the video showing the probability that Sharias will be the majority in Belgium within a few years: and I need to dig back and find the prediction I sent out (including to you probably) months or a year ago that if present trends continue,  Muslims will be the majority in the US by something like 2050.

I’ve been working on an entry to my blog about the question of whether the average world or US Muslim rejects or supports the Sharia terrorism. Perhaps I’ll just post this; what I write below suffices for the moment.
1) Do we under freedom of religion respect and trust them as sincere friends and fellow citizens in our free democracy who wish well toward us as we wish well toward them (an attitude I very much prefer, hope and pray for, very obviously What Jesus Would Do), or
2) Do we deal with them as believers and pursuers in their Koran teaching to enslave or execute all non-believers including us, and the additional Koran teaching to lie to us and make contracts with us with no intention of living up to their contracts. So thus we should(?) treat all American/world Muslims as enemies whom we must eradicate (execute like they are doing to us) from our society, nation and world?  Our wonderful constitution as it exists now prevents us from acting seriously against any religious group- we would have to abandon our constitution, liberty and freedom to do so.The teaching to enslave or execute non-believers in the Koran are NOT the only teachings in the Koran, other strong teachings which many, the large worldwide majority of Muslims follow and have followed for 170 years (See “Edict of 1844”) command them to NOT execute etc. non-believers, be peaceful, etc.

It is only this terrorist minority (small but so loud and news-dominating) who follow the Sharia “execute” teachings but WHY WHY WHY WHY DON’T THE MODERATE LARGE MAJORITY OF MUSLIMS  SPEAK AND PROVE BY THEIR ACTIONS THAT THEY OPPOSE THE SHARIA TERRORISTS?!?!

We so badly need and must have very sincere speech and supporting actions backing up the speech by moderate muslims that they reject the Sharia and terrorist group!Like O’Reilly says, it is not religion. They are Naziis! O’Reilly says that’s the only currently-used word strong enough to characterize them, that to call them religious is just a nonsensical understatement; they’re not a religion at all.
​If moderate Muslims won’t speak up…….​
Now on Aug. 30 I add–
We know many Muslims including many Sunnis disapprove, even strongly and vocally disapprove IS.
IS claims to be Sunni, has attracted some Sunnis into their ranks, but consider these statements very strongly opposing IS by the King of Saudi Arabia, which is almost entirely Sunni:

Quoting the Yahoo news article about him speaking to new ambassadors to Saudia Arabia:

“Lack of action would be “unacceptable” in the face of the phenomenon, King Abdullah said.

“You see how they (jihadists) carry out beheadings and make children show the severed heads in the street,” he said, condemning the “cruelty” of such acts.

“It is no secret to you, what they have done and what they have yet to do. I ask you to transmit this message to your leaders: ‘Fight terrorism with force, reason and (necessary) speed’.”


We just need very many more Muslims, including those in the United States and other western nations, to speak and act this strongly against the terrorists.

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Good Passwords

Don’t worry too much re some Russians stole 1.2 billion passwords. Internet security expert Bruce Schneier says, “This story is getting squrrelier and squrrelier. Yes, security companies love to hype the threat to sell their products and services. But this goes further: single-handedly trying to create a panic, and then profiting off that panic.”

Also at the bottom of the linked report, read Bruce’s good recommendations about choosing passwords. It’s good, but we should use a different password for each site, and how do you remember the sentence you used for each site?

I use passwords based on Steve Gibson’s haystack idea:

“Which of the following two passwords is stronger,
more secure, and more difficult to crack?



“You probably suspect this is a trick question, but the answer is: Despite the fact that the first password is HUGELY easier to remember and use, it is also the stronger of the two! In fact, since it is one character longer and contains uppercase, lowercase, a number and special characters, that first password would take an attacker approximately 95 times longer to find by searching than the second impossible-to-remember-or-type password!”

For the first three characters of every one of your passwords, just use your initials but with one initial capital and one lower case, and replacing one with a number. Like for initials ABC use 1Bc (for all your passwords), then add two symbols repeated four times, like 1Bc$#$#$#$#.

All of my passwords look like that and they’re all very secure passwords.

I use this idea, but use a very simple, very easily remembered rule that changes the repeated characters and the number of times they are repeated, based on the name and length of that specific website’s name.

If you could receive PGP encrypted email, I’d tell you my rule exactly. But you can figure out your own rule that is both very easy to remember and very secure and different for every website.

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Israel needs our support

Written July 26, 2014:

And please bear with me learning to use this blog and WordPress. Both line spacing and character spacing seem to go berserk, with line spacing very large and many returns being inserted even between letters in a word. I’m working on it. And the “Comments” area is really not built yet.

The Israel attacks on the Hamas military are apparently having success. Hamas, though heretofore unwilling to accept any cease fire, even those offered by other Muslim nations, has finally ceased or almost ceased firing the rockets.

Total Hamas rockets fired at Israel since the beginning of Protective Edge: 3,500

But Israel says Hamas has reduced launches to save their remaining supply, that they haven’t fired, still have half, some 1,700 rockets hidden.

I almost never watch CNN because it is so totally liberally biased. But on Saturdays Fox News is all markets, usually of no interest to me, no regular news, so I turn on CNN.

CNN this morning is nothing but an anti-Israel propaganda barrage, a disgusting continuous unbroken stream of anti-Israel reports including video of the damage, even injured victims in hospitals in Gaza, without a single mention of all the Palestinian attacks on Israel, without mention that Hamas stores and shoots the weapons from family homes, schools, hospitals to maximize the carnage shown to the world to increase pressure on Israel to submit, to commit national suicide.

I presume my attitude is the same as yours: I value, care for, love every Palestinian just as much as I do every Israeli. I have contributed to the welfare of Palestinians. When I visited Israel last fall, we visited the West Bank including a Palestinian college, finding the Palestinians there gracious and totally respectable; we much enjoyed the nice lunch they served us.

Of course my care for persons has a qualification: I do not value, care for, love any person who intends harm to an innocent person. I will act myself and support those who act to do whatever is necessary to stop anyone intent on harming an innocent person.

But the Palestinians (maybe not even the Palestinians but just the Hamas terrorists among them) intentionally murder innocent Israeli civilians, while Israel only defends itself, making major precautions and sacrifices to do as little harm to civilians as possible. That is the stark distinction between Palestinians and Israelis, the reason I approve and support Israel attacking Gaza, though I, with the Israelis, supremely regret every injury or damage to innocent Palestinians. Certainly I will again contribute to the recovery of Palestinian civilians after this action is finished.

Israel’s continuing stream of reports of action, casualties and rocket attacks:

Facts and figures news from Israel:

Rather outside of the point of the above: To those who criticize Israel for taking the Palestinians’ valuable homeland away from them, I suggest this little summary and quote from Mark Twain’s very stark description of Palestine when he visited there in 1867:

All of us need to tell our congress members and senators and the president that we want Israel supported!

And seeing the preposterous anti-Israel reactions in the world, we must work together to elect a new government which will re-assert our strong and beneficial position in the world, and from within that context work to regain the respect and friendship of the world.

I point out with reluctance that Obama’s isolationist withdrawal from world involvement, that has brought worldwide chaos, seems to me to be similar to the isolationist positions advocated by some of our more radical conservative friends.

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I’ve lost 5 1/2 pounds on low carbs

I just posted on FaceBook:

Good news! The scale says I’ve lost 5 1/2 pounds in three weeks on low-carbohydrate diet. My pants are already noticeably less tight! And with it 10 points down in my thankfully always normal BP!

And without hunger or discomfort!!

They say the average person loses about 5 pounds of water in our first ten days on low carbs, as our body changes from using mostly sugar to using mostly ketones. Water loss is not real fat loss, and such good weight loss may not continue. But I am pleased!

I’m essentially following the diet recommended and discussed in these two podcasts:

That means, try to be below 50g carbohydrates per day: no breads or other grain foods, no potatoes, no sugar (no Pepsi, candy, cookies, etc.), and limiting fruit. I can’t eliminate fruit now in wonderful fruit season!

I was at BMI 30.2, just barely into “obese” range. Already with my 5 1/2 pounds loss, I’m at BMI 29.3 near the top of “overweight” range. When I climbed Mt. St. Helens seven years ago, I was at BMI 25.3 low in the “overweight” range after having lost 20 pounds in four months on NutriSystem. My goal is to be no more than BMI 24.9, the maximum for “normal” which requires I lose total 33 pounds. I hope it’s possible to reach loss of 33 pounds by around November.

If you’re interested in calculating your BMI visit:

Typical meals: For breakfast I often eat just four of the little frozen Jimmy Dean sausage patties (zero carbs), just thawed and eaten as finger food- I almost never take time to prepare a breakfast. Eggs are also good zero carb breakfast. For lunches or brunches I often eat three slices of summer sausage with three slices of medium cheddar cheese, or if at home, a gas-grilled 4 or 5 oz lean hamburger patty, all of those being zero carbs, but plus fruit. For supper three or four fish filets or chicken patties, or an 8-oz lean burger steak, all of those again zero carbs, plus a big 12oz glass of V8 and plus fruit. If at restaurant, meat entree plus cottage cheese, sliced tomatoes and green salad with dressing. Most days my only real sugar/carbs is fruit. I’m surprised- so far at least, these are all meals I enjoy a lot! No more Pepsi- now I drink iced tea. This is similar to the well known old Atkins Diet.

And like Steve Gibson says in the podcast, I never get hungry!

But warning- the American Heart Association warns don’t go too extreme in low carbs. We all must consume 1600 to 2300 calories to fuel our bodies and brains. In reducing our carb calories, we must replace those calories with protein or fat calories. So if you go to low carbs, try to make up your required calories more in protein foods than in fat foods.

Gosh I don’t know how you all put up with FaceBook! I almost can’t read what I’m writing because of the FaceBook non-closeable pop-ups almost forcing me to enter farther into their clutches.

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